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Castlemaine has extensive experience of providing accounting, taxation and compliance services to a range of market sectors such as Engineering, Health, Financial, IT and Construction.

Castlemaine's success has been built on our core values of innovation, personal service and professional excellence. We also remain a trusted, respected and independent firm of accountants.

Castlemaine Accountancy LLP

We have been providing professional accountancy and taxation advice to a diverse client base since 1995. Our team comprises of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in all disciplines.

The team have been drawn together from a broad spectrum of professional bodies and market sectors to deliver high quality, personal and cost effective services that reflect our clients needs. Ultimately we deliver positive and progressive results that make a real difference to you and your business.

HMRC Launches Alternative Dispute Resolution Service
Posted by Andy Prodger on 2013 Sep 12

Following a two year trial, HMRC has launched it’s “Alternative Dispute Resolution” (ADR) service with effect from the 2nd September 2013. The ADR is meant as an alternative way for small businesses and individuals to resolve disputes with the Revenue. The ADR service uses independent HMRC facilitators to resolve disputes between HMRC and customers during a compliance check. The aim of the service is to find a swift ,fair result for the parties involved and reduce costs. The service is available to individual taxpayers and small businesses where a tax issue is in dispute, regardless of whether a tax decision or assessment has been made by HMRC that can be appealed.

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